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Tiger King Falls


You might get an adrenaline rush just by looking at the pictures of this giant
water slide rental. It is 18’ high and slopes at a fairly steep angle, so you
know you’ll be barely be touching the slide as you scream down towards the
splash landing. One of the neat things about this inflatable 18′ water slide
rental is that at only 24’ in length, Tiger King Falls fits in almost every track
home front yard. The colors of this water slide are bright and make for great
photos, both at night and during the day.
The sliding action on this amazing inflatable large water slide rental is
amazingly versatile, as it gets rented out all year long, because it is designed
to be used either as a waterslide rental or a giant dry slide rental. The
brightness of this slide in combination with all the excitement it provides will
make it the main entertainment of any event. This huge inflatable slide rental
is made with durable materials safety standards as a priority.
This is one of the more popular rentals we have due largely in part to the fact
that it serves dual purposes-entertaining kids while also being a water slide
rental for adults due to its size. This inflatable slide rental is suitable for kids
of all ages, from the tiniest of humans to grandparents! Let the kids have
their fun and get some cardiovascular workout at the same time. Water slides
are fun, regardless of where they’re set up. Inflatables liven up any party
because kids can climb, slide, or tumble while having fun and making

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