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Giant Connect 4


Hours of fun for the whole family: Nothing beats the timeless classic of
connecting four rings in a row with all your friends and family! With JJ
Jumper Rentals, we listen to our customers. The text message surveys we
send you guys are important, because they help us to determine which party
rental offerings to buy for ya’ll to rent next! With Giant Connect 4 Rentals, for
example, we took Connect 4, which won the survey asking your favoritetake
your favorite game and make it larger than life – standing at over 3.5 feet for
adults and children of any age to enjoy!
Stimulating strategy for kids: Grown ups know very well the thrill of 4-in-arow. It’s a great stimulating experience that will develop various problem
solving and strategic skills within children that will further enhance various
aspects of their everyday thinking.
If you want game night to be a undertake the hit, you’ll definitely want to
have the unique Giant 4 in a Row Game in your collection! The beautiful white
design constructed with wood will have players clamoring for their turn. Not
to mention everyone will love the super sized fun! Our Giant 4 in a Row game
is also sturdy enough to use indoors or take outdoors whether you’re
camping, throwing a BBQ, or just enjoying some fun in the sun.

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