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Glass Slipper Castle

$0.00 / Hour
$135.00 / Day

This pink and purple bounce house castle rental is perfect for many different
party themes, but if you’re looking or a specific theme or character, just call
us at (909) 789-8226, and we’ll have it handled in time for your party!
Having 4 kids ourselves, my wife and I are well aware that little girls are very
specific about their wants and needs-especially when it comes to their
parties. Why not give your princess her imaginary world of joy where she can
stroll thru the streets of Paris along with her poodle? Her friends can of
course join the fun, excitement and laughter as parents sit back and enjoy
the imaginary Parisian nights. This jumper rental will brighten up the eyes of
your little girl while all her friends cheer her on and tell her how beautiful
everything is.
As with all of our inflatable rentals, the pink and purple castle module is
manufactured with high quality materials and child safety in mind. Kids love
to bounce and jump, and parents will do anything to keep their children
happy, and that’s where an inflatable jumper rental comes into place. The
storybook dreams of your little princesses will come to life as they play and
jump in the enchanted castle bounce house for rent This bright and colorful
inflatable moonjump rental will light up their smiles as they play for hours on
end. You will see nothing but smiles and enjoyment while the royal
kingdom jumps and plays in its purple and pink castle

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